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this air cleaner came stock on a 66 back vw but it will fit any year with a solex carb highley soute after this air cleaner has no dents and is a real nice air cleaner no rust no holes no broken latches just a real nice air cleaner have not cleaned or painted it hides too many inperfections u can paint it however u like being this air cleaner is in the min of 55 years old i wish i would have be...
came from a 76 van we put carb on it was running so i know patris good can get u a new one if u like 70 plus freight as far as i can tell it fits 75-79 vans the bosch # is 0-280-160-200 _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
the part came off a running 1.8 litre van we switch to carb if u r buying a test part u have it if u want to return it as a warranty i have a nother so dont get it as a test part if u r sure it is the part u need i will be happy to sell it to u the break down is like this 25 for part and 7 dollars shipping mike the bosch # is 0 280 159 001 also fits fi bugs _________________ thank u mike 225-33...
do not order 4 a test part i have another so dont tell me its bad i will ssend u another after u return this one it came from a running 74 van w/fi we took it off and put a carb on also fits fi bugs if u can move yrs by that i mean u can grab the black plastic where the plug goes in yrs is bad if u can not see thru it when it is cold it is bad if u have an ome meter u can test it also see how o...
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Peak Digital Wireless back-up camera, 3.5" color monitor
the reason these brake shoes r under general parts is because they fit such a large range of buses 64-70 front these r enduro brakes high quailty so much so they could even compete with the cheap brsake shoes that were man. after 1989 these r probley =30 years old they have been in a ac parts room all of that time the box is no good the years r not kind to cardboard it says on the shoes made in...
this tie rod is nos it is german made the last tie rod u will ever have to buy if u have trouble puttng it on hit me up and i will help u remeber to measure yr tie rod when u remove it so u can get this one close so u do not have to get a wheel alignment tie rods do not come pre mesured the end can be adjusted i removed this one to take picture will install it before shipping mike plus shipping...
this is a west coast metric seal it list @ west coast metric 4 36.95 plus min shipping charge 7 my shipping free i figured 28 plus 4 shipping =32 this seal is german made and nice mike _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
new seals tail light from light to fender 71-72 bug made in usa by west coast metric they list @ west coast 4 16.95 plus min handling charge of 7 dollars what is that we all handle or parts some of us even get paid to do it dont know if that includes shipping or not no handling charge here just put money into my paypal and u get yr parts simple mike ship free NOS _________________ thank u mike ...
THIS SEAL FITS THE RIGHT DOOR PILLAR ON YR KGHIA IF U HAVE A AIR LEAK PROBLEY THIS SEAL IF U HAVE NEVER REPLACED IT IT IS PROBLEY NOT EVEN THERE list @ west coast 4 25.95 plus min 7dollars handling charge just what is handling charge .charge 4 taking it off shelf and putting it into a box dont even know if that includes shipping no handling charges here just 22 dollars and i pay freight _______...
40th Anniversary edition mint condition 2400 miles never driven on wet street Call Bruce 225/936-7035. Ad number: #342804930 Contact: Bruce Childers City: BATON ROUGE Zip: 70802 Price: $75,000
yes i said neused because that is what they r i installed them with new drums witch he wanted painted black and he had they 4 = 6 mts and then went with 4 wheel disc brakes and 4 partial payment let me keep all of these parts witch he had paid for new drums new shoes new brgs new shoes new wheel cycs new brake lines and some hardware all u will have to do is to put them on i mite recomend some ...
rear drums backing plates complete with shoes wheel cycs line and emengency brake cables put on all new hard parts wheel cycs shoes brake line and then removed 6 mts later and put on disk brakes it is complete just bolt on and go no warranty on the wheel cycs or shoes as they have been sitting 4 6 mts but they r probley fine the brake drums were aslo new painted black at owners request rust u s...
these exhast hangers r very soft let strong at same time they r german made they came from imc back in the day the price is per hanger u need 2 but at this price u could buy all 3 4 that classic car yes yr 92 just became 25 years old last year belive it or not where does time go _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
conv top latch as is 20 not striped or rusted both screws r with it and easy removal also have some new ones see my other idems not cheap brands not made in china either made in usa or germany on the new ones we all know where this used one is made beware or the new ones made in china THEY R JUNK _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
Doge Ram 1500 4x4 Quad cab with a HEMI. Only has 15,000 miles and is very clean like new for 27,000. NO TRADES PLEASE. Call 225-241-4714 Contact 225-242-4714
225-907-1231 Open 10am-10pm Monday-Saturday, After 6 Locksmith sells OEM car remotes, key-less entry car remotes, proximity keys newer Nissan key fobs, key remotes and car remote shells, and more at affordable rates and prices. Visit us today at www.after6locksmith.com Contact 225907123170806nbspnbspnbsp google mapnbspnbspyahoo map
2012 Dodge Ram 4x4 Quad Cab with 15,000 miles. Like new no trades please. Call 225-241-4714 for 26,500. Contact 225-241-4714
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